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Administrative Record Title Administrative Record Subtitle
Mooringsport Damage Assessment LA2014_1013_1210
EML Restoration Implementation LA1998_0922_0000 [Equinox], LA2001_0405_1002 [Mosquito Bay], LA2002_0406_1000 [Little Lake]
Calcasieu River Damage Assessment LA2006_0621_0846
Bay Long Damage Assessment LA2016_0905_1017
Green Canyon 248 Damage Assessment LA2016_0512_0630
Gretna/Mississippi River Damage Assessment LA2008_0723_0230
Terrebonne Bay Timbalier Island Damage Assessment LA2016_1008_0400
Bay St Elaine Damage Assessment LA2014_1025_1120
Grand Bay 2019 Damage Assessment LA2019_0401_1830
Four Bayou Pass LA1999_1124_1430
Lake Palourde Restoration Implementation LA2002_0611_1715
Lake Palourde Damage Assessment LA2002_0611_1715
Duck Lake Restoration Implementation LA2002_1204_1200
Duck Lake Damage Assessment LA2002_1204_1200
Westchester Damage Assessment LA2000_1128_1800
Equinox Lake Grande Ecaille Damage Assessment LA1998_0922_0000
Little Lake Damage Assessment LA2002_0406_1000
Mosquito Bay Damage Assessment LA2001_0405_1002
Westchester Restoration Implementation LA2000_1128_1800
Lake Washington, Mendicant Island, West Champagne Bay (LWMIWCB) Damage Assessment LA2003_0302_0716
Torbert Northline Damage Assessment LA2012_0429_1519
Lake Barre Restoration Implementation LA1997_0516_0000
Lake Barre Damage Assessment LA1997_0516_0000
Lake Grand Ecaille Hilcorp Damage Assessment LA2016_0725_0630
North Pass Restoration Implementation LA2002_0923_0600
Sonat/El Paso Damage Assessment LA1997_0808_0000
Apache Restoration Implementation LA1997_0621_0000
Sonat/El Paso Restoration Implementation LA1997_0808_0000
Apache Damage Assessment LA1997_0621_0000
North Pass Damage Assessment LA2002_0923_0600
Breton Island Damage Assessment LA2005_0612_1105
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